Sri Lanka College of Pulmonologists

The Sri Lanka College of Pulmonologists is a gathering of all the qualified respiratory physicians and thoracic surgeons who work in Sri Lanka. Its purpose is to keep abreast with the most advanced developments in respiratory medicine and help to disseminate expertise in the field of respiratory medicine throughout the country. It also aims to encourage young doctors to take up the field of respiratory medicine in specialization.

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Dr. Bodhika Samarasekera ( MBBS, MD, FCCP )
President Sri Lanka college of Pulmonologists

The President’s Message

I am deeply honored to take over the presidency of Sri Lanka College of Pulmonologists for the year 2023/2024. I thank the council and members for keeping their confidence in me as the leader of this prestigious college. I would like to appreciate and acknowledge all the contributions made by the immediate past president Dr (Mrs) Ravini Karunathilaka, council and all the past presidents.

This year, Sri Lanka College of Pulmonologists work under the theme of BEYOND BORDERS FOR A BETTER BREATH. Our goal is to ensure quality Breath for all. To achieve our goal we hope to transcend across international and local borders and collaborate with our peers overseas to share knowledge and training to deliver the best of care to our patients. Even though the college initially comprised of only respiratory physicians, this year we have further strengthened the council with the inclusion of thoracic surgeons and Paediatric pulmonologists to ensure broader respiratory care for people of Sri Lanka. We also intend to form an international assembly to collaborate with our overseas colleagues who are rendering their services across the globe with hopes of improving respiratory health in the island.

We have already completed two regional symposia to upgrade the knowledge amongst outstations doctors. in addition we have successfully completed academic events in recognition of world sleep day, world TB day and world Asthma day to upgrade knowledge of junior doctors and the general public. Amongst them, our most recent public awareness project in view of world Environment day was a definite highlight. We have a series of academic events planned for the year ahead including a brand new certified course in lung functions for physiotherapists and junior doctors.

The main event of our college calendar, “RESPIRE”, the annual academic sessions of the Sri Lanka College of Pulmonologists 2024 is scheduled to be held from the 18th to 20th February 2024 in Colombo with the participation of many renowned speakers from various parts of the world and both local and foreign delegates. Sessions will comprise of pre congress workshops, multiple plenaries and symposia on a multitude of topics of clinical relevance. As en bloc member of the European Respiratory Society and Asia pacific society of Respirology we also hope to have joint symposia with their participation at the sessions.

It is with a deep sense of gratitude that I commend the determination and commitment of my council , the membership and our sponsors , for making all our ambitious projects possible, despite being in the midst one of Sri Lanka’s worst economic crises. It is heartwarming to see how we as a college have made a significant impact in the lives of our people in these trying times and would pledge to continue our service to achieve our goal of ensuring better breath for all

I look forward to your continued support and cooperation as the year unfolds, to reach greater heights in respiratory medicine in Sri Lanka.


“To be recognized locally and globally as the leaders in promoting quality patient care, advocacy, education and career fulfilment in respiratory medicine in Sri Lanka “


To our patients

We commit to sustain an island wide service by establishing respiratory units in keeping with novel technologies and expertise and provide multidisciplinary care to yield the best outcomes to our patients with lung diseases.

To our trainees

We provide our post graduate trainees in respiratory medicine a conducive environment to become competent respiratory physicians through academic and clinical learning. To stimulate professional growth through scientific curiosity to champion the excellence in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients with pulmonary diseases;

To our allies

We influence other stakeholders such as the Ministry of Health on policy and decision-making process and cooperate with multiple administrative bodies to address the national burden of lung disease. We collaborate with individuals and organisations local and international alike who share our vision in respiratory care

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