Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice (“Notice”) is aimed at the visitors of this website (“Website”) and persons who wish to register and obtain any services provided by the Sri Lanka College of Pulmonologists (“SLCP”).

The purpose of this Notice is to provide you with information on your personal data we may process, why we process your personal data and what privacy principles we abide by, as well as informing you of the rights you may be entitled to exercise in relation to your personal data.

Any personal data provided to or collected by SLCP is controlled by Sri Lanka College of Pulmonologists (Company Registration Number GA 2853) of No. 6, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 7, Contact Number +9411 2678201, as the data controller. References to “SLCP” in this Notice means the said Sri Lanka College of Pulmonologists.

How do we collect your personal data?

We do not collect any personal data from the mere visitors of the website.

Personal data of persons who wish to obtain services offered by SLCP (“Registered Users”) including any materials offered at our Website, will be collected at the time of registration to obtain our services. Accordingly, we do not collect personal data of Registered Users from any other source.

What categories of data do we process?

We only process of the following categories of personal data from the Registered Users.

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Your login credentials for our Website
  • Contact number
  • Training sessions you participated including the number thereof
You are not required to provide the SLCP with the above types of personal data that we request but if you choose not to do so we may not be able to provide you with the services that we offer.

Purposes of processing

We process your personal data for the following purposes.

  • To provide you with access to our Website, your profile and to make any changes thereto.
  • To provide you with our services that we offer including materials, training sessions and conferences that we organize.
  • To keep you informed of our future services including any new materials, training sessions, upcoming events, newsletters etc.
  • To authenticate the identity of individuals contacting us;
  • To ensure all that is required to ensure that our services are provided smoothly, without interruption and to the satisfaction of our users (i.e., for purposes such as verifying and auditing the usage of the Website, managing our operations, analysis and statistical purposes, monitoring systems, network security and IT activity to prevent misuse and fraud etc.,)
  • To handle any complaints and/or requests made by you.
  • To handle any refunds that you claim as per our refund policy (…).
  • To comply with any legal obligation, if any, that may be applicable to us.

Lawfulness Basis

Legal grounds on which we may base our processing activities include:
Performance of a contract
The processing is necessary to enter into, and for the performance of the contract we have with you when you subscribe for our services.

Legal obligation
The processing is necessary for us to comply with any legal obligations that we may have (not including contractual obligations). For example: compliance with any court orders or any order issued by any lawful authority.

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